Helpful tips and Advice whilst in Thailand

Some hot tips for seeing more and costing you less in Patong Beach Phuket

Everyday we see visitors to Thailand wasting their time, holiday, and money trawling the streets in the sweltering heat, looking for trips, for ever on the move hoping to see a lot, in short time and little cost.

In reality they see very little at a big cost and waste time, they spend to much time moving, shopping for bargains that save them little or nothing, travelling, waiting for buses, boats, taxis, or even trying to walk there, all to save the odd 100bht here and there.

After watching this charade over a number of years, we have worked it out, all the best things to see and do are in the Phuket area less than an hour away, if you use Kelly as your base, then your not stuck on a boring island after dark, when you come back from your trip there is the famous Patong beach night life to entertain you, another world of entertainment most of it free.

Like every thing here – you really do get what you pay for, if something seams too good to be true then it probably is………

We at Kelly’s have spent hours compiling the definitive list of all the best value trips available every Island & dive trip, elephant trekking, zoo, snake show, day tours, Fantasea show, Simon Cabaret show, all the night life discos, free shows, bands, and bars full of interesting people, what ever you want to do or see is right at your finger tips, or, of course, feel free to to frantically search the sweltering streets, searching for the the sale of the century.

All you have to do is sit down, over a beer, or cup of tea and study where you want to go and want to see, we are always on hand to offer any advice, let us know and we organise the rest.

Hire our English speaking Driver for a day or half day trip and see, old Phuket town, The Big Buddha, Temples, View points etc, and take trips with the driver, have an authentic Thai meal, far cheaper and far easier when with a trusted Thai.

We found people working from a base studying what’s on offer get to see more, do more, just do it, it is that easy-why make it hard work?

Don’t thank us it’s just part of our Ten star service, we give for free.