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What you need to know about big hotels and the online bandits

The large booking agencies have compromised and control the web, they do not own or run hotels, yet they will take between 15 & 35 % commissions on hotel rooms, Kellys Hote does not use any booking companies and we only accept direct bookings.

They have Kelly’s listed on their internet booking pages, they do not have our permission to list us. If you try to book a room through them with us we’re listed as unavailable, or booked out, this scam from so called reputable booking companies. They sell to you only hotels that pay them commissions, they steal our web site images and our name and then say we’re booked out.

It’s underhanded and shifty, but they do it anyway. Its a big world so we hope the big boys don’t get to upset for us blowing the whistle on their little scheme.

The reason we don’t pay their commissions is we don’t want or need them, these smartys now control the hotel industry.
For us to remain in business, we have to be better, cheaper, with better rooms and offer a personalised service second to none, like providing a lot of information and sell the same tours as them 2-000 Baht cheaper.

You can’t get the managers let alone owners of any of the big impersonal hotel chains to do what we do for free. They charge you and call it service, as a matter of fact they personally do nothing except charge you a fortune, and are too lazy to do their own marketing’. Thats how the ‘big hotel  websites have stolen the entire industry.

Underhanded advertising?

We’re telling you what they don’t want you to know, so we win a little bit with those of you that understand we are quite unique and excel in areas the big boys can’t. It’s our personalised service, 10 star stuff, room quality, and advice, we lack the big impressive foyers soulless faceless and expensive bars and pools your kids can’t swim in after 7pm – that’s life.
We survive by word of mouth and referrals, if you want the bragging rights for the exorbitant price you paid, Kelly’s is not for you, 5 star is about room build and not service for those of you that don’t know.

At Kelly’s you get high quality rooms free of commissions, this is an instant discount to you, no commission means savings of 15-35% on booking fees alone, plus your not hit with extras on check out.
Big hotels charge an extra 10% service fee, plus 7 % tax, on top of that you can charged with 1-000 to 7-000 Baht per night extra for having a “friend” stay over, this fee you find out when check out time comes.

We at Kelly’s Hotel Patong know that our rooms are better then any of our competitors, and our value goes with out saying.

What are you paying for?
Does the owner of any of these big faceless hotels ever talk to you? Do you know who he is? Does he give you any advice? Actually, is he of any value to you at all? Does he save you money? Yet you pay him absorbent prices because he has convinced “you the public” he is offering you something special, selling exotic pictures and expensive brochures on web sites not controlled by them, you paid for it all including the hidden commissions, you get a lot loaded onto your room price before you ever get to stay there, do you really want to pay for all those extras?.

Kelly’s Hotel Patong pays no commissions, this saves you money, keep this in mind when you think you paying to much for your hotel room.


Listen to all the advice given to you, and your holiday destination will be the best one you have ever had, no matter where you have been in the world! I believe our holiday to Thailand was the best I have ever been on !!!

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