Helpful tips and Advice whilst in Thailand

Taxi Scams in Patong Beach Phuket

Phuket is a great tourist destination but like all busy resort towns worldwide scammers are attracted to such places and target the tourist pocket.

The Phuket taxis are all owned by a large taxi company,  the drivers do not own their own taxi, they only work for a wage, unfortunately this has led to scamming, by  the airport taxi drivers. You get the taxi at a booth at the airport and they get you a taxi, everything is OK so you think. They will let you into their taxi and pretend to take you to your destination. Halfway there they will stop at a big tour booth on the pretense of needing the toilet or whatever. A woman will then appear and ask you where you are going (smiling all the while.)

Once you tell her she replies in may different ways that she has never heard of that hotel or that they have a fire or that have gone bust. She will then ‘help’ you by telling you that she has a good hotel for you and it will be cheaper. They will have an answer for every question you have, they will very charming, they are excellent, professional conman and women, you have been warned.

That is the reason we don’t take booking with out our taxi to pick you up, to big of a hassle with all the phone calls and you think they will take you where you want to go, no they will not, our taxi is 100 5 reliable and no rip offs or detours to a tour or gold shop, you traveled a long way you don’t need all the hassles.

All of this is an exercise in getting a commission for booking you into an hotel that belongs to her friends and it usually ends up an expensive exercise.

When you realize you are being scammed, getting angry is not an option. You are in a country where you don’t speak the language and there are no other taxis to hail, only this company which has a monopoly on taxis at the airport.

Please save yourself and us some heartache and allow us to order your taxi from a reputable company. It is cheaper (B 800) and you will arrive un-hassled and promptly.

Simply send us your flight details 2 to 4 days before your departure, we then forward them to the company that we use at the same time, we  check the details and phone them 1 hour before your arrival. go outside of terminal exit on the street, to busy inside, they  will be waiting at outside exit with a sign saying Kelly’s Hotel with your name, so don’t worry you will  see them and they will be there,  We use only one company, they have never let us down, never failed to pick up a guest on time.

Make sure you have a copy of our phone number too, phuket airport is a very busy place..