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What you need to know about big hotels and the online bandits

The large booking agencies have compromised and control the web, they do not own or run hotels, yet they will take between 15 & 35 % commissions on hotel rooms, Kellys Hote does not use any booking companies and we only accept direct bookings. They have Kelly’s listed on…

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How to book a room and taxi at Kelly’s, the right way.

To book a room give yourself a few weeks in advance, look on Kelly’s web site, look at rooms you might be interested in, look at rates and room configurations (i.e.) what and how many bed you require, single, twin king singles, King bed and…


Listen to all the advice given to you, and your holiday destination will be the best one you have ever had, no matter where you have been in the world! I believe our holiday to Thailand was the best I have ever been on !!!

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