Helpful tips and Advice whilst in Thailand

How to book a room and taxi at Kelly’s, the right way.

To book a room give yourself a few weeks in advance, look on Kelly’s web site, look at rooms you might be interested in, look at rates and room configurations (i.e.) what and how many bed you require, single, twin king singles,
King bed and king single, king bed, extra bed for a child can be supplied in room.

Make contact and see what is available, high season you need to book well in advance peak season you need months ahead, low season weeks ahead.

Remember we are contracted to hold those rooms for you when we confirm the booking, we take no deposits, but we do need return email to confirm and a conformation email before you depart for taxi to reassure Taxi of your arrival, not sending a confirm email and Taxi might not show up.

To secure a room we need all your flight details, we send all information on booking a room after you contact us first, you need to book our taxi, read taxi scam to see why, and always follow up with another email one week from departure date, as we do get some no shows, and as we take no deposit, taxi needs conformation of your arrival, saves taxi showing up to a no show.

We send you and taxi company an email at the same time for you to check for mistakes if any.

We expect you to notify us of any changes well in advance.


The people at Kelly's Hotel Phuket really go out of their way to ensure that the facilities are absolutely immaculate!

Richard S.
American Tourist In Phuket


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