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Hotel Exterior 3The Hotel is named after our owners youngest son, the very lovely, Kelly who is now 7. Although he’s not quite old enough to run the place yet, he is showing all the signs that it’s in his blood as he can often be found in the bar area.

We named the bar after researching the island’s history; we discovered that the founder of Penang, Captain Francis Light (a spice trader) had stayed in Phuket for ten years.

The locals loved him so much they volunteered to become part of the British Empire and they also scoured the island for the most beautiful wife for him so that he would not leave. He did indeed marry her and they had 6 children.

We just had to have a tie in with this fabulous story, Capt. Light is not the only man to come here for a while and fall for a local girl, and it’s an almost daily event here! We also loved the idea of going with a colonial style and atmosphere.

We took this stunning property over in early 2008 and it has been an absolute joy to bring the place back to its former glory.

We completely refurbished the entire building and rooms to bring them bang up to date, however we have not compromised on style nor atmosphere.

We cater for all day breakfasts and quick snacks.

Apart from our room being way above industry standards for the prices we charge, our main selling point is getting you tours at cost to us, not the cheapest tour we get the best tours, and its you the public that decides that.

There is a down side to phuket in the room letting market, it the over the top cheap side, it packs people in with to low of a price, this low price sends all that go there broke, it creates all sorts of problems like no money for proper maintenance, replacements and cleaning, this compromises health standards, to cheap attracts the wrong people and brings in a noisy loud crowd that belong to the world is mine and I can do what I want, because this is a 3rd world county they think their little bit of money is some sort of a god and people are to be used and abused, they lower the standards, wreck rooms and have no consideration for others, if we cater for them they can give us a bad name.
And we lose you the better class of guest, we’re not snobs, we keep them out by having much nicer rooms and charging a little bit more, and it works, we in patong call these people bottom feeders, and their also the biggest whingers.

Bringing together our 35 years of experience and vast knowledge in the hotel and restaurant industry and the buildings innate charm we think we have created a unique space in this crowded market, something a little bit more special, like our honesty and integrity that’s disappearing fast in today’s want, want, me, me society, a place that captain Francis Light would be very happy to stay in.

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Thanks for looking after my family on their holidays, i know they can not wait to come back.

James Firth

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