Kelly’s Hotel Patong is an independently owned family business. We’ve been in the hotel business for over 40 years – both here in Phuket as well as in Australia. We know what works.
There is nothing like the quality of our rooms and facilities in this price range anywhere on Phuket Island, and most certainly not anywhere in Patong! We pride ourselves on offering more than a room, we can also point you in the direction for amazing local tours and top you getting ripped off by touts and agents alike.

As a boutique hotel in Patong, Kelly’s is situated in the heart of Patong beach, close to everything you want to do, shopping, the beach and the nightlife, yet we are in a quiet location just away from the madness of this busy 24 hour city. There is always a taxi or tuk-tuk outside for those who don’t want to walk and we also offer car and motorcycle rentals from the premises. We recommend that you explore the island whilst you are here and our on-site tour desk can arrange any excursions or tickets whilst you relax with a nice cool drink.

Stunning views of the city and ocean, from our hillside location, embraced by cool breezes day and night. Ample balconies ideal for taking in spectacular sunsets, sun bathing and watching the neon lights of this exciting city coming to life at night. We are one of the few hotels in Patong to offer all of this. Email us to see what special rates we have for you:

Our rooms are tastefully decorated and the ground floor rooms open out onto the pool terrace. We also have a beautiful poolside bar which is open for drinks and snacks. We also serve breakfast but it is not included in the price of your room. The feeling at Kelly’s is relaxed and laid back, there is no formality, if you are expecting some grinning idiot stuffed in a monkey suit to be at your beck and call 24/7 then this isn’t your kind of place. We do believe in service and if you want to see what we mean when we describe ourselves as a boutique hotel in Patong, see the foot of the page.

We are a genuine boutique hotel in Patong, family run, only twenty rooms, so the service is personal and privacy is guaranteed. We pride ourselves on offering ten star service, by this we mean service that means more than someone just doing their job and smiling. We believe that this is a defining characteristic of any place claiming to be a boutique hotel in Patong or anywhere else for that matter.

Perhaps you may have found us via We are undoubtedly Patong’s favorite small hotel with by far the best rates, and we work hard to keep it that way.

Its privately owned it’s not leased, we own it and spend your money to maintain it, we care and unlike leased hotels we will not allow it to fall into disrepair by selling below costs.

We do not list on any of the major hotel bookings sites taking heavy commissions we don’t need to, we offer an exceptional standard of room for the fair and just prices we charge.

•When you’re a small boutique hotel, we have a better cheaper room, they have to be cleaner and well maintained, plus lots of free information and tours at cost to us.

To find out all we can do for you  email us at return email is full of info and how to book a room easy..

We give tours to you at cost to us, saving you up to 2-000 Baht per person you can ask others on same tours how much they paid, this means you get your room free.

Nanai road so central to everything, 5 min large shopping, and entertainment, no more than 15 Min walk to everything Inc. beach .

•You cannot get off a plane and know what took us years to learn, you get it all for free on check in, or you can learn the hard and costly way do it all yourself.

•We offer free WIFI in your room, All rooms comfortably fit a large king bed, some are twin and have an extra-large king single bed as well.

•Everything works, the air con is chilly, the rooms are clean and airy, the sliding doors glide, the pool is crystal clear, we have our own water supply and the water pressure is sufficient.

•We are on site to help you with anything you need.

•All those people on can’t be wrong, and no we don’t write our own reviews, if you look we have some terrible reviews, but we can guarantee they never ever stayed at Kelly’s.

•We do not use online booking agents charging between 12 and 50% commissions, they control the web and our URLs AND TELL YOU WE’RE BOOKED OUT. Only we can tell you that, they don’t own or operate hotels, you do not need them why use them.

We are without doubt the best priced quality small hotel in Phuket; the quality of the hotel is a reflection of this, we have no peers.

•People who visit Patong often and know how it all works they choose Kelly’s first, wisdom over naivety, means great value.

•Tourist get smarter with time, first time they nearly all book into the beach front hotels and pay over the top prices with all the extra charge on check out.

Next time they come they book with us, We have far superior rooms closer to everything and a fraction of the price, and you can catch 100 Tuk tuks to beach on money saved.

•We have the best Aussie breakfast food in Patong, plus lots of cheap Thai foods close by.

•At Kelly’s you will find no noisy guests,  we kick them out no matter what time it is or how much they paid.

•To book  email: our return email has all the information you need to book a room.

•There are  CCTV cameras working 24 hours a day.

•We do have a pool,  you don’t have to share it with hundreds of people.

Kelly’s Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel with a friendly, laid back atmosphere. We are pleased to provide and 5-star service at 2-star prices.

Our management and staff are focused on ensuring your stay in Patong, Phuket is the best it could possibly be.

Everything works, sliding doors glide, air cons are cool, beds are comfy, free in-room WIFI works & water runs. We’re not obtrusive but if you want advice to get the most out of your hard earned holiday, you’ll find us approachable & knowledgeable, giving you the best advice and the keenest money saving information. This is all part of the service at Kelly’s.

The hotel is situated 5-6 min from main shopping center, within 5-15 min walk from everything that’s any good in patong beach, everything you want to do is close to Kellys we’re just out of the noisy dusty busy city center.

You will find us friendly and helpful with lots of free money saving information you cannot get if you’ve just got off a plane . You can learn in minutes what took us years to learn and we give it to you free, no big hotel reception concierge will do this for you, money is their god.

The best tour information comes from guests and the tours we arrange for them,  we give the info we get from them to you at cost to us. The margins on the tours are pitiful so we give it up and sell you the tours at cost too, B3,000 we get you for B2,o00, no one else does this and the big hotels put an extra B1,000 on top of the retail price Factor that into what a room with us costs, if you do a lot of tours you’re getting the room for free with the savings you make.

This makes us without doubt the best priced quality  room in Patong beach.

Try us if you’re not happy book out, no obligation, no deposits and no hidden extras like 10% service fees or 7% Vat on check out it should be in the room price, it is at Kelly’s,

No dishonesty, we don’t advertise low 700 Baht priced rooms and then give you the old ‘sorry their booked out, but we do have a 3-000Baht one available’ the oldest scam in the hotel industry, don’t fall for it, and if by chance they had one of those rooms it would be a fire trap with no window or balcony.

We serve great food, and premium fresh ground Thai coffee, no black soup that’s been kept hot all day. Our breakfast is the best on the island and a great start to the day, or lots of choices from very cheap Thai street food close by.

If your fitness person there is a large commercial public Gyms close by.

This is the award we treasure the most, voted for by our satisfied customers.

We did get our terrible reviews this year, 3.  Two fo them by the same person and one who never stayed in Kellys hotel ever, but they were printed, go figure.

By staying at Kelly’s you get the local info from people who live and not the tainted advice of someone who makes money from everything they recommend or organise for you.

We give our local advice freely and are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. Because we live here and we also have kids we also take our own leisure time on the island, thus we know what’s hot and what’s not, where the value is and where the rip off merchants are.

If you’re one of those shady folks who don’t believe anything anyone tells you, then go ahead don’t believe us and do everything yourself, they’ll see you coming for miles.

This is a very mature tourist environment and the worst elements rely on people thinking that they are too smart to get scammed.

So please be our guest and ignore our advice but please, don’t moan to us when you find the person sat next to you at a show paid B1,000 less than you did because y’know, it’s boring and well, we told you so.

It helps to have a sense of humour here

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